Tilikum slides throughout the shallow ledge as he starts offevolved the brutal dying of Dawn Brancheau

Through the Freedom of Information Act, The Orca Project has obtained seventy one images on file from OSHA’s investigation. Two of these pics have been taken by means of a visitor at the underwater viewing place for the duration of the moments as tilikum kills dawn pics. Brancheau into the water.

The collection of photographs proven beneath (dubbed the “death roll”) depict the ultimate seconds earlier than Dawn was once brutally killed after sustaining huge accidents in the attack.

Photos #1 is the closing body of Dawn and Tilikum’s interplay as captured by way of the Connell household of New Hampshire.

Photo #2 captures the moments as Dawn and Tilikum slide alongside the shallow slide-out location above the viewing widows.

Photo #3 captures Tilikum rolling as he brings Dawn into the water.

Tilikum and Dawn Brancheau are depicicted in the remaining moments.

Those reviews had been shortly refuted as witnesses got here forward. SeaWorld then ran with the “ponytail theory” in order to shift the focal point and blame to Dawn herself.

No different eye-witness testimony describes this position, nor is it depicted in the Connell video or last snap shots taken from the underwater viewing area.

The Orca Project has investigated and mentioned on the statistics surrounding the “ponytail theory” which SeaWorld has lately started out to pull lower back from. All of the important points containing eye-witness testimony and post-mortem record can be determined HERE.

SeaWorld and OSHA will be lower back in the court docket subsequent week in Sanford, Florida. In August 2010, SeaWorld was once referred to by using OSHA for “willful” violations of coach safety. You can comply with the important points of the court docket listening to with the aid of journeying www.theorcaproject.com and click on on the “SeaWorld vs OSHA” tab. Additional pix which unveil SeaWorld’s unscrupulous practices can be see HERE. And be positive to comply with us on FaceBook and Twitter for all the today’s information and information.


The 2d video depicts the aftermath of Tilikum killing Dawn, whilst she is underwater.

It is the first time that a killer whale has killed a human, and it is shocking. The full video additionally explains the conduct of an orca whilst it is underwater. It is challenging to decide what prompted the orca to assault the trainer, however it is in all likelihood that he was once frightened.

The movie was once made as a documentary, which skill the movie is now not handy to the public. The video was once shot by way of an underwater camera, which caught the assault on a female named Dawn Brancheau. While Dawn used to be underwater, she was once nonetheless seen due to her ponytail.

Which is reminiscent of her headband. The video additionally suggests tilikum kills dawn pics as she tries to swim to the surface, however it is now not sufficient to give up him.

The video used to be edited to exhibit Tilikum altering course whilst attacking the woman

While the lion seems to have killed Dawn, the physique of the human was once captured by using an underwater camera. When the video was once edited, the physique of the lady may want to be viewed underneath the black sheet.

According to the record by using the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, 4 human beings have been killed by using orca whales whilst they have been being held in captivity. One of the victims was once 41-year-old Dawn Brancheau. Her husband pressed the emergency button after seeing her struggle. The video additionally consists of a description of the aftermath of the incident. The full video is very demanding and has turn out to be one of the most famous on-line videos.

The full video of the incident used to be launched to the public for the first time

It used to be recorded on a specific underwater camera, which permits the witness to see what happened. A quantity of the witnesses claimed that they had no thought what was once happening. The video indicates the assault in actual time, however it is nevertheless a terrifying video. The police record does now not point out the rationale of the animal. It seems to be a case of tilikum killing a human.

It used to be no longer a pleased ending for the actress. The film’s title, “tilikum kills dawn pics,” used to be launched in the United States on September 17, 2018. Despite its grim fate, the movie is a precise must-watch for horror lovers. It suggests how Tilikum assaults humans.